Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hard Rock Cafes

HRC as they are known. A restaurant with subpar food but a great atmosphere. Somehow I started collecting shot glasses from their various locations in about 1996. You cannot buy them over the phone or internet, that leaves you EBay or someone physically going to each location. I’ve been to many and most of my vacations are planned around visiting them. Just a quick in and out to get the glass, they are all over the world and it has given me an excuse to travel. It’s not for everyone but it works for me. People bring me back glasses from their travels and just about every glass has a story behind it. Experience the world; don’t just live your whole life in your comfort zone.

Locations I’ve been to.
Banff Canada
Birmingham U.K.
Cardiff Wales
Dallas TX
Edinburgh Scotland
Edmonton Canada
Hollywood CA
Hollywood FL
Honolulu HI
La Jolla CA
Lake Tahoe NV
Leeds UK
London UK
Las Vegas
Los Angeles CA
Manchester U.K
Nassau Bahamas
Newport Beach CA
Nottingham U.K.
Paris France
Phoenix AZ
Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Sacramento Ca
San Antonio TX
San Diego CA
San Francisco CA
Saun Juan Bahamas
Tijuana Mexico
Vancouver Canada
Whistler Canada

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